Efficient use of fertilizers is a major factor in any programme designed to bring about an economic increase in agricultural production. The kinds and amounts of fertilizers required for the same crop vary from field to field on the same soil, even soil to soil. It is observed that the fertilizers increase yields and the farmers are aware of this. But are they applying right quantities of the right kind of fertilizers at the right time at the right place to ensure maximum profit? Without a fertilizer recommendation based upon a soil test, a farmer may be applying too much of a little needed plant food element and too little of another element which is actually the principal factor limiting plant growth. Fertilizer recommendations from a soil testing laboratory are based on carefully conducted soil analysis and the results of up-to-date agronomic research on the crop, and it therefore is most scientific information available for fertilizing that crop in that field. Soil testing is essential to obtaining high yields and maximum returns from the money invested in fertilizers.
To prepare Soil Health cards on the basis of Soil sample analysis and distribution amongst the Punjab Farmers on nominal charges. To promote the use of balanced fertilizers
Soil testing services are provided at nominal charges to the farmers. Special soil testing campaigns are launched to collect representative samples and tested free of cost The samples are sent to the concerned laboratories for analysis Soil Health Cards/Analysis report with fertilizer recommendation are sent to the concerned farmers. Farmers are advised to use fertilizers as per Soil health Cards. Water samples are also analyzed in the laboratories for assessing its quality