Farm mechanization aims at inducting mechanical, electrical and other power in agriculture for best utilization of land for agriculture and allied production. The main benefits of farm mechanisation are:-

• Improvement in operational efficiency of farm worker

• Enhancement of agricultural production

• Reducing the drudgery

The main activities of agricultural engineering in the State relate to farm power and agricultural machinery, ground water estimation, exploitation and usage, utilization on non –conventional sources of energy, soil conservation and reclamation, agricultural structures and agro processing. At, present, Engineering Section, Department of Agriculture deals with farm power and agricultural machinery extension service and ground water exploitation.
The Directorate of Agriculture has the section of Agricultural Engineering comprising two sub sections;
(a) Agricultural Machinery and
(b) Tubewell Boring

Agricultural Machinery:- Mechanization is one of the management options available to the farmer to increase productivity and profitability. There cannot be two views about the importance of mechanization in agriculture, it can be said that mechanization helps in optimization agricultural productivity and production by facilitating timely sowing and precision of farming operations apart from reducing the drudgery associated with various operations. The main objective of this section is promoting farm mechanization in the state and to educate the farmers about the proper, efficient and optimum utilization of farm implements. Various schemes are being implemented in the State to achieve this.

Tubewell Boring:- Tube well section of Department of Agriculture, Punjab studies the availability of ground water, exploration of ground water in difficult areas, its consumption in agriculture, design standard tube well, install tubewells at farmers’ fields and make’s farmers aware of the latest technology in the sphere.
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