Present Status:
 Highest Farm Power availability (2.6 Kw/Ha) in India (1.5 Kw/Ha)
 Presently one tractor for every 9 ha of net cultivated land of State ( 62 ha national Average) 11% of tractors of the country
 95% Irrigated Area
 Present focus on Resource Conservation Technologies (RCT) viz. laser land levellers, Happy seeder
 Agriculture Machinery Service Centers ( AMSC)

Future Strategy:
 Mechanization of labour intensive operations viz-a-viz paddy transplanting, cotton picking, sugarcane harvesting
 Introduction of machinery for management of crop residues.
 Propagation of water conservation, technologies through Laser land leveler, Happy Seeder and zero- till -drill
 Preparation of roadmap for agricultural mechanization during 12th