Tarn Taran is one of the border district which lies in the North West frontier of Punjab and is bounded by district Amritsar in the north east, district Kapurthala in the east and district Ferozepur in the south east. It comprises of 3 tehsils, and 8 community development blocks, 5 assembly constituencies and one Lok Sabha constituency. It lies between 31 7 and 32 o 3' north atitude and 74 o 29 and 75 23 in the east longitude and The District has about 240 km international boundary with Pakistan. It is bounded by river Beas in the south eastern side. According to 2001 census the population of district Tarn Taran is 1548038 having 825294 male and 722744 females.
The total geographical area of the district is 241449 ha.About 4192 ha area of the district is beyond the border wiring, Out of this area 3597 is cultivable. The average rainfall of the district is 482.9 mm. The crop productivity is very high in the district which has been achieved with assured irrigation, use of HYV seeds, good infrastructural support provided by Department of Agriculture and other related agencies. The fertilizer consumption of the district is 185 kg per ha. The net sown area in the Distt. is 2.17 lakh ha which is almost 100 % double cropped, and some area is even put to 3 crops a year so the cropping intensity becomes more than 200%. All is irrigated, 40% by tube wells and 60% by canals. The water table is receding at an alarming rate in the district and even more vigorously around the city blocks. There are 61766 operational holdings of which, 31% are the small and marginal ones (less than 2 ha).